How To Manage Your Anxiety When A Second Family Member Is Diagnosed With Cancer

We have a hard time imagining that a family member will have to face the detrimental affects that Cancer presents; however, how do we face the challenges that come when a second family member is diagnosed with the same exact type of Cancer?

The overall experience that I faced with my grandfather did change my life like I never expected. A new appreciation on what life has to offer and forming a closer bond with my mom, I still deal with challenges to this day. Nevertheless, I never expected my grandmother to receive a call that she had the same exact type of cancer and at the same stage that my grandfather received three years ago.

Trying to process all of this information calmly, I prayed that I would not have to face the same experience again. Nevertheless, I asked myself what this situation what be like during a pandemic? No visitation and trusting others to care for my grandmother in the same manner as my grandfather, I knew this was not going to be a pleasant request. Visiting my grandmother through a window and making sure that she is safe, I never thought this would be the way I would have to see her suffer.

Not having the best relationship with my grandmother, I do believe in Karma. My grandmother was not very nice to my grandfather and she consistently would make things harder for him, which is not fair to someone who is trying to find peace. One of their fights that they got into, I remember my grandfather turning to her and stating how ‘he hopes she receives what he has, but ten times worse’. I believe wholeheartedly, that his wish came true.

In the end, how does one manage a situation like this where times are frustrating and scary and that family member is someone you were never close with. You have to just do the right thing, is my overall advice. I have learned that by being there and offering as much as you can during a situation like this, it will be appreciated. As I continue on with this process, I will make sure to practice all of the techniques that I have been sharing throughout my blog and continue to update as well. This blog has helped me grieve properly and I do believe it will allow me to stay calm during these unprecedented times.

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