Begin A Gratitude Journal

Hello to all who have been following my blog and perusing through my posts. I appreciate it wholeheartedly and I hope my posts have been helpful for you.

Today, I would like to introduce a new form of journaling that I have found to be extremely helpful, in terms of easing my anxiety. I have recently started a ‘Gratitude Journal’, where every night I jot down three to five things that I am grateful for. The reason I find this technique to be beneficial is because it allows me to appreciate the many aspects of life that we all may take for granted. It allows me to not feel like I am selfish and contribute my time to being thankful. In our society currently, there are times when we think that life is not always what we have wanted or predicted it would be; however, there are little things that bring joy and happiness into your life that you may overlook.

If you find that you are struggling to jot down specific things that you are grateful for, here are a few suggestions.

Family: We all are struggling with the fact that we cannot see our family at this time. Certain members of our family, we are not eligible to provide a hug or who have passed away from illness during this time. However, every day be thankful and grateful for the time you have currently with your family. Even when times become tricky or boring and often you would like to escape, know that your family is there to love and protect you during these times.

Home: A place where you feel safe and protected, your home is special and offers comfort. By being thankful for having a roof over our heads during storms and pandemics, we can appreciate the fact that there are many activities to do while at home. Cooking/Baking, Constructing a Puzzle, Coloring or Painting a Picture, Playing with your Furry Friend, and Engrossing yourself in that Novel you have been dying to Read. These are all things that can take your mind off of the difficulties surrounding us, even watching a humorous movie or television show.

You: This seems to be such a tricky thing to discuss in a manner; however, you should ultimately be thankful for you. The type of person you are and what you contribute to society. As well as, what the human body overall consists of. Skin, Organs, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Fingers, Hands, and many other vital parts that play a significant role in making you feel and act like you.

One last thing that you can either add to your gratitude journal or enact during your day to day activities. ‘Random Acts of Kindness.’ These are very important and that often take away anxiety instantly. The reason is because you are fulfilling an activity that helps someone else. Here are a few examples of what you can do or plan to do for the next day.

Write a Letter: Taking the time to write a letter to a family member, friend, or someone you admire allows you to open up to how much you appreciate them as a person. This in a sense, you are grateful for them.

Bringing in their Garbage: You may be puzzled as to what I mean. In normal times, we may offer to help put away groceries or assist in any other household necessities; however, with many of us being uncomfortable at this time, if you see someone’s garbage at the end of the street that has not been brought in yet, carry it to the front of their garage. This may not seem to make a huge difference, but in reality it does.

Be Nice and Complimentary: Providing a smile or asking how someone is doing today can make a big difference. We do not know how many people may be struggling at this time; nevertheless, offering a kind gesture or compliment can make someone’s day. This also makes you feel better and happier because you allowed a person during these times to either smile or feel happiness.

I look forward to discussing more in my next post! As always, continue to Conquer Your Anxiety.

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Greetings! Welcome to my new blog. Here I will share detailed blogs encompassing the theme of mental health. Passionate about mental health and literature, I hope my writing will make a prominent difference during these tumultuous and challenging times.

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