Brand New Year To Conquer Anxiety

This New Year, we want to feel change, a sense of belonging, and less anxiousness. However, many of us still have difficulties overcoming this fear and this worry that continually builds up inside of us. I have decided to commit this year, in gradual steps, to the overall termination of my anxiety. I have placed all of my stress, panic, and agitation from this previous year into the garbage. I want to start a brand New Year with positive thoughts, feeling gratitude, and enjoying what nature has to offer. I have also decided to dedicate more of my time to my own blog, in hopes of helping others this year end their anxiety as well. I will be writing a blog post every month with new tips, new feedback, and an overall progression as to how our mental health can change and become stronger.

One thing that I have been practicing and devoting more of my time towards is meditation. Waking up an hour earlier and allowing myself one hour before bed has truly helped me feel stronger, both physically and mentally. As well as devoting more time to work on my sleep schedule. Obtaining 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night has relieved so much of my tension and worry. I have been eligible to concentrate more and absorb the feeling of not having to accomplish everything all at once. Decreasing my time allocated on technology and allowing myself more time for other activities, even during the school year, has made an enormous impact on my mental health. Although, all of these wonderful changes and impacts have helped me immensely, I still worry about others. I try to figure out ways to devote my time into allowing others to feel this way.

The pandemic has not concluded and we know that there is still more that needs to be done about this situation. The amount of deaths, the feeling of loss, and loneliness still travels with us. One day, I hope we can all go back to a time when we did not have to feel this way on a continuous basis. I wish however, that you will take this journey with me in resolving our tensions, our trepidation, and overall our anxiety. I look forward to offering new strategies, new tips, and some life experience that will help make a difference in this gradual progression.

Published by Peaceful Reader

Greetings! Welcome to my new blog. Here I will share detailed blogs encompassing the theme of mental health. Passionate about mental health and literature, I hope my writing will make a prominent difference during these tumultuous and challenging times.

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