How To Manage Anxiety During Unprecedented Times?

Hopelessness, Fear, Uncertainty, Anxiousness, and Loneliness are some of the common feelings that individuals internationally are undergoing currently. The constant feedback from a variety of outlets regarding the increase spike in cases of COVID-19, the hardships of deciphering what politics has become, and wondering every minute whether the world will ever be the same? Honestly, the one thing the globe needs right now is some peace and I am here to share a few specific ways to obtain this necessity. 

I have become constantly engrossed in apprehending the vast number of stories, either written or televised, that are published daily about the many topics occurring in our society. It has become such an obsession, that I am noticing my overall well-being diminish significantly. This is not a way to live, I believe. The round-the-clock worry of there ever being an announcement that things have subsided completely, and that normality will outweigh the chaos. Especially, when having to balance all these hardships while secretly feeling all alone can be challenging and nerve-wracking. However, over the duration of my journey finding some peace during these arduous times, I have started to realize that there may be a little bit of hope left. 

I used to enjoy tremendously venturing off to the gym for an hour and relieving my stress on the assortment of equipment offered to me. Nevertheless, I have become extremely terrified to enter a gym and my days of happiness exercising in an environment I enjoyed have now become memories. I decided to take the time and find something I could do that did not require me to become saddened by this loss in my life. It turns out, I found biking.  The ability to quickly hop on my bike and ride to any destination I wanted was extremely calming. Plugging in my headphones, listening to a bit of jazz, and allowing the wind to brush across my face is truly the most relaxing feeling I have had in a while. Or the ability to sit under a tree in my backyard and have the time to read a good book is also something that puts my mind at ease too. 

Little findings come about when you begin to realize, you have too much time on your hands. I find that being proactive is the only way to keep my mind off the persistent fret of our nation. Although, in my search, I have been able to find a list of things that keep me happy, I question whether others have this same advantage too. Nevertheless, I want to help you find your passions that make you happy too. 

The uncertainty of whether to venture off to a restaurant can get overwhelming and the population more than ever is connecting through cooking in their own kitchens. Why not take on this new activity with either yourself or your family members/friends and begin creating a new recipe that you can enjoy. It can be very calming to either bake a batch of chocolate chips cookies from scratch or a warm, creamy soup to really tell the difference in seasons. This is a new passion that I have truly enjoyed, and I believe you will too! 

Trying to figure out how to create my own blog came with some challenges; however, now that I have gotten familiar with the steps, it is quite intriguing. Becoming exposed with other bloggers and reading their stories is what makes the process truly enjoyable too. Not only is writing a relaxing journey, but it allows you to observe that you are not alone. Go ahead and create your own blog with things that you are passionate about that can be expressed in your writing. 

The “Calm” App is a platform I recommend you immediately download on any device. It does not only contain a variety of meditations, but it also contains sleep stories too. These sleep stories allow you to rest your mind and obtain the sleep you need to begin the next day. These sleep stories are customized for both adults and children. As well as, if you want to listen to some  relaxing music, the calm app features soundscapes and nature categories for you to choose from. You can even customize your schedule to include “calm masterclasses”, “calm body”, “breathing exercises”, and even “check-ins” that offer different interactive videos and activities. This app will allow you to find numerous ways to become calm and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Explore opportunities remotely, get out into nature, and truly become involved with who you want to be once things become stable again. Life comes with interruptions that are not always avoidable, this is a time to make change for not only the world, but for yourself. 

Published by Peaceful Reader

Greetings! Welcome to my new blog. Here I will share detailed blogs encompassing the theme of mental health. Passionate about mental health and literature, I hope my writing will make a prominent difference during these tumultuous and challenging times.

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